As local residents, we saw the need for a place that provides quick, healthy, and filling food without settling for lesser alternatives. Quite often we found ourselves [endlessly] searching for something healthy that offers variety and nutritional value, but we would ultimately be disappointed with the lack of options in the area. After voicing our frustration with friends and family, we found that we weren’t alone.

We, at Red Leaf, are striving to provide you with the freshest ingredients and an experience that will make you want to come back time and time again. We want the quality of food to be something you can count on with every visit.

We pride ourselves on being the first of our kind in this area. To better serve our customers, we thought it would be important to establish our debut store right by the Dallas shopping center. This allows for easy access to students and faculty of the Dallas school districts, Misericordia University, and everyone in the surrounding area. Red Leaf Salad Company is just yards away from the 309 main highway, making it an ideal location.


The Salad Slingers & Queens of the Greens

We created Red Leaf Salad Company with the purpose of bringing something new and exciting to the area in which we all grew up. Our four visionaries are Rich Samanas, Allison Samanas, Aaron Chesonis, and Jennifer Chesonis. Combined we make up the founders of Red Leaf Salad Company. We like to call ourselves the Salad Slingers and Queens of the Greens in charge of all the happenings behind the scenes. After we saw the potential in this new age of health conscious consumers, we decided to push forward to make our establishment the first of its kind for this area to experience.

We want to be sure our customers can rely on the quality of our offerings. It was also very important to find someone who shares our vision and interests. Our Head Chef, Neil Dymond, is a natural fit. He is a Graduate from Johnson & Wales University in Providence Rhode Island with an Associates degree in culinary arts and a Bachelors degree in food service entrepreneurship. With his culinary experience and local upbringing, he became the perfect candidate to help us develop Red Leaf Salad Company.